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Rewrite Essay with This Awesome Advice

Rewriting essays is deemed by most people challenging owing to their foul attitude in writing and rewriting of essays. In most cases, we tend to focus on the external rewards from rewriting an essay, such as a lecture’s approval and getting our work done in time. However, we miss on the most important reasons that should guide us in rewriting essays. When you focus on such external rewards, easy rewrite ventures become annoying and less fruitful.

To paraphrase an essay, you need to read the original essay several times to get the important points you require and do proper planning. Besides, you can consider getting a nice essay reworder to make your work easy. Following such tips ensures that you reword your work with perfection and the end result is a masterpiece your audience longs to read.

Precise Factors to Consider in Essay Paraphrasing

Paraphrasing an easy requires you to carefully and skillfully combine certain elements to ensure your output gives satisfaction and the best of results. You need to know that paraphrasing in essays requires planning and putting the words of an author in your words and not the case of using synonyms. It helps you improve the quality of your easy by transforming the different thoughts of various authors into one superior piece. Rewrite essay involves expanding a person’s idea in your own words. The easy should be in your own words and quote the original article by use of quotation marks. As such, paraphrasing in essays requires you to observe such rules, quote authors and provide a citation to acknowledge the original author properly. For that reason, it is really helpful to find out a professional sentence rephraser.

Common and Distinctive Features of Summarizing, Quoting, and Paraphrasing

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Writing a summary and paraphrasing a piece of writing are two distinct things that should not be mistaken for each other. Quoting is slightly different from the two as quoting involves acknowledging the original author of a piece of writing. In the course of completing a degree or a masters course, the three prove very resourceful as you can produce credible work to your lectures. Besides, in writing journals quoting, paraphrasing, and summarizing three things you cannot avoid.

things to remember when paraphrasing

The work done by other writers provides credible information and ideas which you can use in creating your own essay or thesis. Paraphrasing essays require the skillful combination of the three aspects to ensure you are not penalized and give meaningful work. Quoting and paraphrasing are all three ways of incorporating other people’s work into your own and avoid plagiarism.

The three are critical to help reword my work; here are some of the distinctive features of each of the three:


  • Paraphrase essay involves rewording a piece of writing but not word for word.
  • Paraphrasing in an essay involves expressing a message from a given source into your words.
  • Although it involves putting a message in your own words, you should retain the original message.
  • You should acknowledge the source and not express the paraphrased work as your original work.


  • Summarizing does not involve matching the source word for word. The summary highlights the most important desired points in different words from the source.
  • The summarized piece is usually short than the original piece. The summary makes readers get the precise message an author wanted to get to the audience.
  • In spite of expressing the main ideas I your own words you should acknowledge the source.


  • A quotation, unlike the two matches the source word for word and does not involve expressing the ideas in your own words.
  • A quotation is a brief segment of the original piece, incorporated in your writing.
  • A quotation should be within quotation marks.
  • Quotations are accredited to the source.

Easy Tips about Easy Paraphrasing

Essay paraphrasing is a common task that you are likely to encounter for various reasons. However, in spite of its popularity very few people get it right when rewriting essays and should find some paraphrase exercises and learn how to cite a paraphrase in an essay. It’s an important task that one should know a few tips to ensure the next time you engage in paraphrasing you have an easy time. Nonetheless, it is imperative you include a list of citations and references to give proper acknowledgement to the original authors.

The three tips below will give you great insight into making a nice easy rewrite that suits your needs:

  • You should know there exist a huge difference between paraphrasing book, paragraph, or a sentence. Paraphrasing a sentence requires you retain the same order of content while in a page you are required to incorporate your ideas. Besides, you need to plan on what the rewrite will have and what will be left out.
  • One of the common errors in rewriting is trying to use synonyms instead of reading a piece of writing getting its meaning and expressing it in your own words. Though the reading aspect is tedious, it’s the only way you will communicate the piece of writing uniquely.
  • The most important thing to remember and know about paraphrasing is that it requires planning. It is not a shortcut to getting better grades, but it’s an avenue through which you can incorporate another person’s ideas into your piece of writing. Essay paraphrasing involves understanding an idea and expressing it as your own, and acknowledging the source.

In conclusion, when rewriting an easy its important you know when to quote, summarize, and when to paraphrase. Knowledge of the three determines your success rate in the essay rewrite. Additionally, you should engage in easy paraphrase exercise to perfect your skill. Combining of the three skills gives superior hand in paraphrasing in an easy you are likely to encounter. Finally, get to know how to cite a paraphrase in easy, as it gives you a giving credit to the original author.

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