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Thank you for your work. I understand that you tried to avoid plagiarism issues, but just to ensure that your are using academic words as it much more appropriate.

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Quick Ways to Solve a Problem with Engineering Paraphrasing

Should I Rephrase? Consequences of Plagiarism in Engineering Text

Paraphrasing is putting something into your own words while maintaining the meaning of the original text. We do it for a variety of reasons from targeting a different audience through to simply avoid any issues with plagiarism. Many will rephrase whole papers to be able to reuse their text without any problems with plagiarism. But engineering paraphrasing is not always as simple as people would like. Using a professional sentence rewriter is often required if you want to get the task completed without any issues.

Avoiding plagiarism within your rewritten text is vital. Any sign of copying could land you in serious trouble and even get you thrown off of the program that you are following. So if you have text to rewrite then you must ensure that you make it unique. However many students struggle with doing this and often repeat parts of the original text or fail to change it enough to avoid plagiarism.

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Paraphrasing in Engineering: 5 Steps How to Do It Effectively

Paraphrasing is not simply manipulating the order of words in a sentence or swapping them for synonyms. While these are all part of ensuring that your wording will be unique the most important part is that of understanding. When you paraphrase you repeat the meaning in your own words. To do this effectively for any engineering document you should:

  • Read the text until you are sure that you fully understand its meaning. You must ensure that you fully understand each and every point that has been made within the text is you are to be able to put them in your own words.
  • Highlight every point made. Go through the text and make notes in your own words of each of the points that has been raised throughout the text. You must ensure that you capture all of the different points if you will paraphrase successfully.
  • Reorder the points. With a paraphrase, there is no need to repeat the points made in the same order. Often if you are targeting a different audience you will want to have those points repeated in a different order to the original text. So reorder into a logical flow for the document that you are rewriting.
  • Rewrite using only your notes. Do not refer back to the original text. Using just the notes that you have made rewrite the information into a new paper.
  • Check the rewritten text against the original. You must ensure that you have repeated all of the points fully as well as avoided reusing any of the original wording. If you have reused any of the wording either reword it so that it is unique or enclose it within inverted commas to show that it is a direct quotation and provide your citations accordingly.

Top Tips in Engineering Paraphrasing to Try in 2019

Of course, coming up with unique text when paraphrasing a technical paper is not always simple. Often, even if you know that you should be aiming for unique text, you still end up repeating the original wording when paraphrasing scientific writing. The following techniques can help you to ensure that the writing that you produce will be unique:

Use synonyms. A synonym is a word that will mean the same within your context such as “he wielded the blade” and “He waved the knife.” The sentences mean basically the same but you have made them unique through substituting synonyms.
Move the order of the sentences. Putting the information at the end of the sentence or paragraph to the start and vice versa can help you to also make the text read and look different.
Change the tenses of the text. Using the present tense when the original was written in the future or past tense and other combinations can alter what was written significantly.
Change the person. Again, you can change the writing significantly simply by changing from first to the second person and vice versa.
Use passive voice or active voice. Swap one for the other as this will change the order and words used within the sentence.
Vary all of the different connecting words that you have used in and between the sentences.
Change how you express figures and percentages within your writing.
Change the class of the words that you are using. So a word such as assume could be changed for assumption, assumed, or assuming.
Use multiple combinations of all of the above. Mix and match and use all of some of the above techniques with each of your sentences to ensure that they will be seen as unique.

What Are the Main Difficulties in Engineering Paraphrasing?

IEEE format paraphrasing will always be very different from what you will undertake within many other subjects. The main reasons for these differences are:

  • Understanding. Paraphrasing, as already said, is repeating meaning in your own words. Someone that has no idea about the engineering field that you are working in may struggle to fully understand the original text and may not be able to communicate that point effectively.
  • Knowing the terminology and engineering vocabulary. Just as there are words and phrases that are commonly used within areas such as medical and legal writing there are also many that are used within the many fields of engineering. You have to fully understand the specific terminology that is used in each field.
  • Expressing information in the right format. Often there are specific ways in which you will need to provide technical information if it is to be understood fully by your audience.

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Manual vs Automatic Paraphrasing a Technical Paper

Using an automatic essay reworder may be quick and often free, but it is unlikely to provide you with the results that you need for your writing. If you want writing that you will be able to actually use for your audience then you should use manual engineering research paper help for all of your rewriting and paraphrasing. The reasons being:

A rewording tool will typically only work by replacing a large percentage of the words with synonyms. The structure, order and even the word count may be exactly the same as the original. Often it will still be recognizable as a copy of the original.
A tool often churns out the rubbish. Many words have multiple meanings so selecting a synonym without understanding the context that the word is being used it is impossible. A manual engineering article rewriter would understand that an operation in terms of the paper was not surgery!
An expert rewriter will target your audience: our specialists will want to know the specific purpose of the rewriting and who your intended audience will be. This ensures that the rewritten text will be finished accordingly providing well written and targeted work.
High-quality writing. Our rewriters are all experts in their respective fields so you are fully assured of a piece of writing that will contain the right vocabulary and terminology.
Perfect formatting. Our experts will ensure that your writing is correctly formatted in the right academic style such as IEEE.

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Why Try Our Professional Paraphrasing Services for Engineering?

Our paraphrasing services UK seek to always provide you with the specific support that you need to be able to deliver rewritten text of the highest quality. We aim for your full satisfaction with everything that we do and achieve it as we offer you:

  • Fully qualified rewriters. Your engineering text will be rewritten by a specialist that will hold a relevant postgraduate degree.
  • Unlimited revisions. Our specialists work with you to fully understand what you want from your rewriting. If you want any changes they will be made until you are fully satisfied with the results.
  • Free proofreading. We ensure that the rewritten text that you will receive will be free of any possible errors by careful checking through our certified proofreaders.
  • Fully original. All paraphrasing is guaranteed as being unique to you.
  • Turned around quickly. Select just how quickly you need your paraphrasing when you make your order and we will always guarantee to deliver your work on time.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction with your engineering rewriting or you will get your money returned to you.

Make full use of our professional engineering paraphrasing for a text that is accurate, perfectly targeted to your audience and plagiarism free!