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Paraphrase Help: Executive Summary Sample

If you have no idea how to paraphrase, here is a short example of the way it should be done.

Executive summary

paraphrase helpThe project consists of an approach towards an underlying system. The system represents an information technology, specifically an online learning platform, to be used by students and facilitators in learning and teaching activities. This project is aimed at contributing to the escalation demand of the online classes. The project gives the specifications and detailed designs of the systems and functioning. The system is structured into the functional and the non-functional parts.

This project gives a clear description of the system prototype in which one stage of the project have to be completed before advancing to the next stage. The functional requirements of this system include reading of data from excel file, distributing essays for marking and coming awarding grades to the students. The working mechanism of these proposed online class system is advanced compared to the traditional online system. This is from the fact that the proposed system is capable of reading and awarding grades to essays. Even though there are some disadvantages associated with this system, it is evident that the advantages outdoes the disadvantages thus making the use of this system.

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