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I would like to thank the writer who worked on my documents. I liked the work very much. The sentences, organisation, flow, structure of the document all were so nice. He did the work with understanding, and that what the scientific document needs.

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Brexit Debate: “Remain” and “Leave” Camps

Brexit’s a hot topic. The people of the UK have voted to quit from the EU, a decision to change the lives of the people and the nation for good. The debate continues. Check out this post and let’s compare side-by-side.

Brexit debate

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Cost of EU membership

  • Leave: £350M every week or nearly £20BN every year
  • Remain: Net cost is £120M a week

Trade within EU

  • Leave: Exports to the EU fell from 54% in  2006 to 44% today
  • Remain: The EU is the UK’s biggest trading partner- 44% of exports

UK Sovereignty

  • Leave: Since 1993, 64.7% of the UK law was EU-influenced. EU regulations accounted for 59.3% of all UK law
  • Remain: 13% of UK laws since 1993 have been made to implement our EU obligations.

Business Support for Brexit

  • Leave: The business groups’ surveys and small is nearly 50:50
  • Remain: Businesses, including small businesses believe that the UK is better off within the UK


  • Leave: Extra 3.3m immigrants will arrive in Britain by 2030 if we stay in the EU.
  • Remain: Net international migration to the UK falls from 329,000 per year in 2014 towards 185,000 per year by 2021.


  • Leave: After leave ‘decision’ and decision to conclude a free trade agreement, farm incomes  actually increase
  • Remain: Elimination of direct subsidies would result in an average of drop in income of £13,000 and £28, 0000 per farm.

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