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Best Tips for English Legal Paraphrasing

Why Do You Need Help with Paraphrasing in Legal Writing?

Legal paraphrasing is done for many reasons. Whether you are doing it to make a document understandable to the lay-person or to make it something unique to use elsewhere the challenges can be immense. Many seek out paraphrasing London help with all of their legal rewriting because of the many difficulties involved.

Law is one of those areas in which they seem to have a unique language all of their own. In fact, in many ways they really do. Academic paraphrasing in law is not something that you can simply entrust to just anyone. It really must be done by someone that is able to fully understand what is being said.

Paraphrasing is all about rewriting something in your own words. You must be able to reflect the original wording but without using any of the original phrasings. One of the biggest issues with legal paraphrasing, however, is simply understanding it! Many will struggle to be able to provide you with rewritten text that will be an accurate reflection of the original piece of work.

paraphrasing legal citation

Types of Legal Texts That We Can Help You With

Rewriting English legal terminology can be required across a wide range of different documents. Our paraphrasing service in London is able to help you with a wide range of different documents through their highly qualified experts. We employ fully qualified specialists that are able to help you with rewriting all forms of legal writing and documents such as:

  • Articles of incorporation
  • Stock certificates
  • Business contracts
  • Bills of sale
  • Employment contracts
  • Non-Disclosure agreements
  • Demands for payment
  • Powers of attorney
  • Last Will and testament
  • Eviction notices
  • Lease agreements

Inеteresting Facts About Legal English

When you are doing academic writing at school or college you will have it drummed into you that the work must be clear and concise. You will also be schooled to avoid jargon and overly complex words and language that people may not understand. Yet we still have what many will refer to as legalese!

Legal language really is a language all of its own and many really cannot understand it if they come across a document written in this style. Lawyers seem to have gone out of their way to ensure that what is written appears to be nonsense to many. While they may be aiming for precision in their writing they seem to have forgotten about keeping things clear and concise.

The reasons for this are:

  • It is written this way to have a more dramatic effect on the recipient of the writing.
  • Most lawyers learn their writing from case law that is often a hundred or more years old.
  • Legal English uses an “unusual” word order due to the use of alternative grammatical rules.
  • It contains many terms that are directly from Latin.
  • It often uses the French grammatical structure rather than that of English.

rewriting in legal language

Main Mistakes in Legal Paraphrasing

Rewriting in legal language is an impossible task for many. For many it is more like translation than paraphrasing. This is because one of the most common reasons for paraphrasing legal work is to make it more understandable. This means taking the words and grammatical structure of the legal language and translating it into everyday English.

The following are some of the main mistakes that people make when paraphrasing legal English:

Not understanding the original text. When paraphrasing common legal terms you must ensure that you actually do understand them. Paraphrasing is all about understanding not simply swapping words for synonyms. Get your understanding wrong and the paraphrase will not be accurate.
Not understanding the specific terminology and vocabulary used in the type of law being written about. Even within law, there are significant differences between the different fields which is why it is often necessary for you to specialize.
Mixing your homophones. These are words that sound very similar but have very different meanings. Getting these mixed can have very big consequences in your legal writing especially if you are confusing words such as formally and formerly or allude and elude.
Incorrect formatting. When paraphrasing a quote in legal writing you must ensure that you follow the correct academic style requested of you.
Academic writing will require a very specific paraphrasing legal citation if you want your work to be accepted.
Not checking the work. From ensuring that you have correctly paraphrased each point through to check your spelling and grammar. Careful proofreading is always required to ensure that your work is of the right standard.

Top Tips for Rewriting in Legal English

So how can you go about your legal paraphrasing and get it right? Well you could use our paraphrasing and formatting service UK, but if you really want to spend the time and do it right you can follow these steps for getting your work correctly paraphrased:

Know your purpose. Paraphrasing to make something easy to understand is going to be very different to rewriting a document to be used by a different client. You must be clear as to your reasons before you make your start.
Know your audience. Writing an academic paper at a doctorate level will require a much greater level of quality writing than writing for a layperson on your personal blog.
Understand the writing. Before you start any form of paraphrasing ensure that you fully understand what it means. If you cannot understand it then you will not be able to repeat its meaning to anyone.
Make clear notes of each point in the text using your own words. Work through the writing and make simple notes of each of the different points that are raised within the original document.
Arrange your notes into a logical order. When you rewrite the order that you have your points raised in may be different to the order within the original text. This will depend on your purpose and intended audience. A different order also helps you to also avoid plagiarism.
Rewrite the work using only your own notes. Once you have your notes in a logical order use them to rewrite the text without looking back at the original.
Do not just change words for synonyms. This is not going to result in text that will be good to read. It is also not going to change the order or the style of the writing so it may be recognizable as a copy of the original text.
Compare your rewritten text back to the original. Even the best of us can find that we copy some phrases unintentionally. These should be rewritten to ensure that they are unique when compared back to the source writing.
Add citations and references. You should always give credit to the source of your information within your writing. If you have had to use any direct quotations ensure that they are enclosed in speech marks and a citation given.
Proofread your writing. Either by carefully working through your writing or by using our proofreading services UK ensure that your work is free from any errors.

academic paraphrasing in law

Samples of Legal Paraphrasing

When you rewrite a piece of legalese to make it understandable to the layperson it will often end up shorter as you will make it more concise and to the point. That being said, there are also times when the work will end up being longer as legal points may need clarifying. Some legal terms, whether in English or in Latin may take some explaining:

Codicil Additional pages attached to a valid last will and testament to make a minor alteration
Assent Documentation used for the transfer of property to a beneficiary
Habeas Corpus A document to apply for the release of someone that has been imprisoned unjustly
Mens rea Knowing that an act is wrong or a criminal offence
Per pro’ On behalf to
Check our samples to know how we would work with your legal paper!

paraphrasing in legal writing samples

How Can Our Services Help You?

We know just how complex legal documentation can be and the difficulties that are involved in their rewriting. This is why we provide you with legally qualified experts to work with you. Our specialists hold higher level degrees in law and have many years of experience working with documents within their fields. This ensures that they will be able to offer you accurate paraphrasing for your specific needs that will be formatted in just the way that you want it.

paraphrasing a quote in legal writing

The Benefits of Using Our Paraphrasing Services for Legal English

We always work with you to get the best possible results. After all we will always want you to return to us and recommend us to others for rewriting legal texts. We offer the best paraphrasing support you will find online with all of these benefits:

  • Unlimited revisions. If the rewritten text is not precisely what you are looking for then our experts will make as many changes as you feel are necessary until you are happy.
  • Fully qualified staff.  You will always work with a holder of a higher degree in law with experience with the forms of documents that you need to be rewritten.
  • Perfect formatting. Our staff will ensure that all aspects of your work is within the correct academic style that you need.
  • Unique writing. We only work from scratch so you can be assured that there will be no copying and your rewritten text is supplied with a plagiarism report.
  • Quick help. No matter how quick a turnaround you select we will always make sure that your final work is with you on time.
  • Guaranteed satisfaction with your paraphrasing. If you have any issues and we cannot resolve those issues we will refund your money.

Use our professional legal paraphrasing services to ensure that your work is done quickly and accurately and to a high standard every time!